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Artwork of Yoshimasa Tsuchiya
"Fox" Sculpture Produced by APPortfolio
Color: Skin
Material: Resin
Size: 30cm (H)
Signed COA
Edition of 188


If you participate the drawing, you'll be request to prepay the Full Payment (HK$12,000 + shipping fee calculate at check out) to submitting your entry, all winner will receive order confirmation letter by the end of Nov, please log in to your account for further confirmation. If you're not selected then payment will fully return to your credit card account before the end of November.

申請者將需預先 支付款項 (HK$12,000 + 運輸費於結賬處計算) 以登記抽籤,中籤者將於 11月底陸續到商品訂單確認信, 請登入 我的帳戶 中查看。如申請不成功款項將於11月底前退回信用卡帳戶內。


★ Draw Closed★

★ 活動結束★

Start from November 14th to the end of November



(Due to continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change product specifications or designs slightly from time to time without notice.)

ARTOX reserve the rights of change to event terms and conditions without prior notice, by completing the registration of the draw, participants shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with the revised terms and conditions of the draw and deprive any participant of participating and winning. ARTOX will not be responsible for any losses and miscommunication due to incorrect information provided by the participant.


ARTOX 隨時可更改活動內容及保有最終決策權,並可隨時取消不符合資格中籤者。如因資料有誤或抽籤後無法於指定時間內成功付款而導致任何損失,ARTOX 恕不負責。